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Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you require for boarding?

We appreciate as much notice as you can give us. That way your space is guaranteed. Keep in mind that Christmas, Easter, March Break, long weekends and summer are peak boarding times.

When do your obedience classes start?

Our classes are ongoing. There is typically a new class starting every 6-8 weeks. Call to save your spot now!

How old should my puppy be before I start obedience classes?

We recommend starting classes after your pooch has received his vaccinations, approximately 8 weeks old. The earlier you start training the better. Fido hasn’t had much time at this point to learn bad habits.

What do you need to know about my dog before boarding or obedience classes?

We require proof of vaccination and information on any medical problems or special needs.

What should I bring to obedience classes?

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring your dog, his/her leash, collar, proof of vaccination, their favourite treats and plenty of patience and affection! Be prepared to have FUN with your dog!

What should I bring with my dog when he’s being boarded?

Please bring proof of vaccination, his food, favourite toy, treats and even though we provide a bed, if your pooch has a favourite bed/blanket feel free to bring that too (as long as it will fit in a standard washing machine). Anything you feel will make your pooch comfortable is more than welcome. If there is a particular routine you have at home please write it down and we will do our best to follow it to lessen the stress on your pup.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!