State of the art holistic facility.

Hydro Therapy Pool & Spa

A state of the art holistic facility which provides supportive care to your canine companion. Whether you are looking for injury prevention, rehabilitation, conditioning or just want a fun and safe place to swim let Pet-D-Gree assist you.

Is Your Dog...

  • Recovering from or preparing for surgery?
  • Experiencing arthritis, paralysis, or hip dysplasia?
  • A senior dog that needs to keep active, without putting stress on the joints?
  • Needing to keep their cardio and muscles strengthened for that competitive edge?

The buoyancy of water allows the patient to work on the range of motion of its joints and increase muscle strength and endurance, without the strain experienced in weight bearing activities. This for example is helpful for an overweight dog suffering from arthritis in his hips. The extra weight puts strain on the hips, but the dog in a pool removes the weight from its aching hips, which allows increased motion in the joints, strengthens the weakened muscles and burns calories to lose weight.

Through Swedish massage techniques and joint manipulation
and remedial exercises, we can help:

  • Reduce mussle trigger points
  • Relieve pain & inflammation
  • Improve circulation, range of motion, strength, and relaxation