Obedience Training

Why obedience train?

A trained dog is a content dog!

Despite the many different breeds available there are really only two types of dogs, obedient and disobedient. Everyone loves the obedient dog. He’s the one who walks nicely, comes when called and sits quietly. The disobedient dog however is very hard to miss. You’ve all seen him, he’s pulling his owner down the sidewalk at a frantic pace, he flies out the door the second it’s opened and jumps all over you when you come in. He’ll probably steal your cookie if you leave it unattended, chew destructively and bark for attention. NONE of this needs to happen!

Training your dog will make him a very enjoyable member of the family. He will sit as guests enter and leave your home, he will be trusted with food and knick-knacks, he’ll have appropriate chewing habits and won’t demand your attention with unnecessary barking.

Puppy Obedience Training (5 week program / puppies 8 - 16 weeks of age)

Your puppy will learn "come", "sit", "stay" and "off", as well as "gentle", reliable recall, basic healing, and greeting without jumping up. Problem solving and prevention is part of our program as well as socialization time (play time) at the end of class.

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Level 1 Obedience Training (8 week program / dogs 4 months and older)

We use positive training methods only. A combination of training collars, clicker training and food rewards make it easy for you and your dog to learn. When Fido graduates from Level 1 he will know the verbal commands and hand signals for "sit", "down", sit stay, down stay, name recall, basic healing along with general good manners. We show him how to be gentle with his mouth and door etiquette, among other things. We are willing to work with you to find a method that works for your family as well as coach you through behaviours as they arise.

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Level 2 Obedience Training (7 week program)

Positive methods are the only methods we use. This course will take you into a longer sit stay, down stay, commands from a distance, a reliable recall, stand for exam, hands off heeling and off leash work. Level 2 also serves as an introduction to Agility. We start to teach them to “target”, proper jump techniques, retrieving, and agility hand signals.

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Upon completing our courses you will have a confident, attentive, obedient pet that everyone will enjoy being around.
We strive to maintain flexible times. Whether it's group classes or private lessons, we will do our best to fit your schedule.
When you consider it only takes 6-8 weeks to train a dog that will be part of your life for as long as 15 years, it's a very reasonable investment!