What some of our clients had to say!


Thank you so much for helping me be the "perfect puppy"!

Yours Truly,

Thank so much for all the love and care you have given to Popeye. We are so grateful that we found your service and appreciate all the times you have taken Popeye at the last minute. Your quality of service goes above and beyond what we expected and you have made it possible for us to continue to care for Popeye.

Thanks a bunch,
Terrie & Joe

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough to say for all you have done and for your time. There is a big difference in Sabre and we enjoy Sabre more. Sabre is the hairiest one of our family and now seems to be the happiest and (much less) confused.

Thanks you so much,
The Williams Family

Thank you so very much for all the extra things you did to make Duchess comfortable. While we shall not forget her, we will also not forget your kindness.

Mitchell & Ellen

Finding Pet-D-Gree has made a huge difference to the quality of Hank's life. Before starting hydro therapy sessions with Kelly, we were concerned that Hank's only options were increasing dependence on medications for bad hips and arthritis. As a Hurricane Katrina rescue, the cold weather is very hard on Hank. Walks in the winter were difficult and with less exercise the problem got worse. After meeting with Kelly and the staff at Pet-D-Gree we knew that we had found a place that would take a sensible, holistic approach to Hank's wellness and more importantly people we could trust. Kelly is a remarkable therapist who has a magical way with Hank and all of the dogs. Weekly trips to Paris for "swimming lessons" are met with lots of enthusiastic barking and tail wagging. We can't thank you enough for making Hank's life easier and happier. His mobility and muscle mass are much better since he started in the pool.

Sarah & Richard Hampton

I would like to thank you for looking after Duchess for the couple of days she was there. I also would like to thank you for all the trouble you went through when Duchess was having a rough time with her liver shunt. I really appreciate it and I’m glad someone like you took the time to make sure she was okay. She was a really good puppy and a loving one. I know we are going to miss Her a lot, and we are going to have to adjust to her not being with us.

Thanks again and Duchess is thankful too,
Shannon Nethery

We’d had 5 dogs before we’d got Sam, and they’d all acted like, well, like normal dogs. Perhaps because we’d had had some experience with dogs before, discovering that Sam was not a normal dog made us feel even more helpless. We didn’t know how to handle him. I lived in fear that he would bite someone or attack another dog and they would make us put him down – something that would break my heart. All the advice we got and the “help” we sought made things worse, and left us with the sick, shamed feeling that we’d betrayed this dogs trust.

I’m so glad to have found you. You’re the only one who recognized that Sam was afraid. You’re the only one who not only correctly identified the problem, but went one step further and tried to find out how to properly handle a “fear aggressive” dog. You helped him with firm kindness instead of aggressive control. In helping Sam you helped Colin and I just as much. We didn’t feel so alone anymore. We grew comfortable with Sam’s problem and how to handle him.

You also helped me realize that Sam’s a lot like me (well okay, I don’t bite) I’m not comfortable meeting people either. Many social situations make me feel downright panicky. If I don’t like it, why should Sam? So I backed off. I didn’t force him into anything. You’d taught me how to show him who’s boss, and how to reinforce good behaviour, so whenever someone came to visit, I told him that I expected him to be nice and then praised him profusely for being nice. He’s never bitten anyone, since that unfortunate incident when he bit you.

My sister started surreptitiously petting Sam’s back whenever he walked past, whenever she visited us. A few weeks ago, as she stroked his back he turned and ran his head under her hand, then went back for more. He’d finally decided she was okay. Other than you or the Vet’s (for some strange reason he tolerates them quite well) she’s the only person other than us he’s allowed to pet him. A small thing but very important to us.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you know how truly appreciative we are of your help.

Carpe diem,
Marg Gilks